Artist Links

Adam Tooby – Digital art of aircraft

Alison Tootell – Pencil drawings that depict the demolition of old factories and mill houses

Andrew Storey – Digital art depicting city scenes and people.

Alan Taylor (At Benjamin Art) – Landscape artist

David Roberts – Book Illustrator

Howard Gardener – Mixed media & paper sculptures.

Jennifer Hawkins – Landscapes and images influenced by her research in psychology.

Lesley Nugent (Nuggleton Art) – Watercolour paintings depicting life in the town of Nuggleton

Lily Batteson – Acrylic paintings of highland cattle

Matt Roby – Author, illustrator and sculptures

Jj (Master of Dots) – Pen and Ink drawings

Susan Leigh – Watercolour paintings of animals.

Tony Begolo – Graphite and colour portraits

Victor Herbert – Acrylic paintings of Landscapes with the use (in some) of gold leaf.



Artisan Framing (Local framing service)

Ken Bromley Art Supplies

SAA – Society for All Artists.

Yew Tree Imagery – Photographer